Soil Science

crossing boundaries, changing society

31 JULY - 5 AUGUST 2022

About the WCSS

The WCSS is a leading international soil science conference, held every 4 years in different countries and attended by over 3,000 soil scientists from around the globe.
The 22nd Congress is being organised by the British Society of Soil Science on behalf of the International Union of Soil Sciences.
The Congress theme, ‘Soil Science – crossing boundaries, changing society’ focuses on the link between soil and society, with sessions covering soil systems, soil processes, soil management and how we interact with and use soils around the world.
There will be opportunities for specialist workshops and discussion sessions across a wide range of soil disciplines. The core programme is supported by tours and a cultural and arts programme for delegates and the wider public to explore our diverse environment and culture.
At a time of global concern for our planet and its growing population, managing our soils sustainably has never been as important. 90% of our food comes from soil, as does all of our timber and other fibre. Soil, and the ecosystems it supports, have a huge role in mitigating against climate change, is a vast reservoir of biodiversity, plays a significant role in flood management and contains key evidence of past civilisations.
Our understanding of the importance of these functions is developing rapidly and the Congress provides the ideal setting to discover the international state of the art in these critical global issues and an opportunity to connect across all who work with and rely on soils.

About the British Society of Soil Science

The British Society of Soil Science (BSSS) was founded in 1947 and is an established international membership organisation and charity committed to the study of soil in its widest aspects. The society brings together those working within academia, practitioners implementing soil science in industry and all those working with, or with an interest in soils.

Research on soils and enhanced understanding and engagement with soils is essential for agricultural, landscaping, construction, remediation, conservation and archaeological projects, as well as policy direction on critical topics such as climate change.
We promote research and education, both academically and in practice, and build collaborative partnerships to help safeguard our soil for the future. This includes hosting the World Congress of Soil Science 2022 in Glasgow, where those with an interest in soil science can meet to discuss the critical global issues relating to soil including; managing soils sustainably, preserving its ecosystem, and mitigating against climate change.

Anyone with an interest in soil is welcome to become a member and attend our conferences and webinars, receive complimentary access to our two scientific journals, the European Journal of Soil Science and Soil Use and Management and a host of other benefits.

Membership starts from £31 for Associate members, with Full membership, which allows the member to use the designation M I Soil Sci, for £56 per annum. To find out more about membership and how to apply, please visit the BSSS website.
Visit the BSSS website

About the International Union of Soil Sciences

The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is the global union of soil scientists, taking action to advance soil science. Its objectives are to promote all branches of soil science and to support all soil scientists across the world in the pursuit of their activities.
It provides a structure for managing the science of soil science and arranges for the publication and distribution of material relevant to the interests of the Union, and its members as well as arranging for studies in particular fields, such as specific definitions, classifications and databases. IUSS establishes cooperation with other related organisations and represents Soil Science to a wide external audience.
Visit the IUSS Website
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